Purpose: There are a number of nerve compression syndromes involving the upper limb, the most frequent of which are carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome and Guyon’s tunnel syndrome. After surgical decompression of the nerve, symptoms often persist as a result of extra-neural fibrosis or scar adhesions. In recent years, a number of methods for treating these residual symptoms have been proposed which have had different degrees of success. The aim of this study was to evaluate the therapeutic possibilities of a selfabsorbable, anti-adhesion film called “Macropore’s SurgiWrap*” placed around the decompressed nerve. Materials and methods: This study was carried out between February and June 2003. Sixty patients treated with a self-absorbable film around decompressed nerves (group “A”), and sixty patients (control group “B”) treated with simple surgery decompression of the nerve, without Macropore’s SurgiWrap* film. Results: All patients of the group “A” resulted in a complete recovery, while two cases of the group “B” reported no significant pain relief or improvement in their sensory disturbances, (follow-up at 12 months). Conclusions: This completely self-absorbable film is made of a copolymer of lactic acid and could help prevent the formation of extraneural fibrous tissue or scar adhesions and thus the reoccurrence of symptoms and further surgical treatment. However, we believe that more detailed clinical studies are necessary to validate our findings. Riv Chir Mano 2004; 3: 158-162
Macropore’s SurgiWrap*, adhesions, extraneural fibrosis

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