Application of CardioWrap® Bioresorbable Protective Sheet in Cardiothoracic Procedures

In these three short-term cases, the CardioWrap® Bioresorbable Protective Sheet has proven to be a cost effective and an inert product for pericardium replacement in procedures which may require reoperation within six months. However, these three cases are short-term observations and should be interpreted accordingly. Further investigation is absolutely required to determine the efficacy [...]

2020-08-22T12:40:12+04:3022nd August, 2020|Cardiowrap|0 Comments

Evaluation of a Bioabsorable Polylactide Film in a Large Animal Model for the Reduction of Retrosternal Adhesions

Objectives. An adult pig model of retrosternal adhesion formation via an inferior hemisternotomy was used to evaluate the formation and development of pericardial and retrosternal adhesions, as well as adhesion reduction using two thicknesses of a bioabsorbable polylactide film. Materials and methods. Twenty-five adult female pigs (70 kg) were allocated to either a control [...]

2020-08-22T09:56:45+04:3022nd August, 2020|Cardiowrap|0 Comments
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