The SurgiWrap® MAST Bioresorbable Sheet is a valuable new addition to the armamentarium of gynecologic surgeons. Introduced in the United States in 2001, this polymeric sheet has many uses in both open and laparoscopic procedures, providing temporary wound support and reinforcing weakened soft tissues (Figures 1 through 4). Most important, this bioresorbable sheet creates a physical barrier between opposing
tissues, which controls and minimizes the formation of soft- tissue attachments (STAs).
STAs, the fibrous bands that can form between a device and viscera or other tissues after gynecologic surgery, are often caused by ischemia, abrasion, desiccation, heat, electrocautery, or suturing. Forming within 1 to 2 months of surgery,1 STAs may complicate future operations by increasing the risk of visceral perforation, extending operating time, and increasing postoperative pain.2-6 They can lead to infertility, pelvic pain, and bowel obstruction.7-11

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